The Fifth Masonic District Convention is composed of member Lodges in DeKalb, Douglas, Fulton, and Rockdale Counties. 

The Convention is charged with several purposes.  Those purposes include but is not limited to:


  • To provide instruction in the traditions and principles of Masonry.
  • To provide assistance with Masonic Education Leadership Development Schools and Courses.
  • To work with the District Custodian to arrange for Schools of Instruction.


  • To coordinate with District Deputies to the Grand Master and Grand Lodge Officers when their services are needed by Member Lodges.
  • To devise plans and programs to promote the best interests of Masonry in Georgia.
  • To hold meetings to review the conditions of the Lodges in the District and all other matters of Masonic welfare.
  • To stress cooperation with the District Custodian regarding the uniform work.


  • To plan events among the District Member Lodges in order to promote more cohesive fellowship and cooperation among Member Lodges.